Unshackling Spirit: The Reclaiming of Personal Power

There’s No Place Like Home:

Dorothy spent two hours traffic on a journey into the unknown, seeking the favor of the Powerful Wizard of Oz. She was led to believe that the Wonderful Wizard of Oz could return her home to Kansas. Throughout her journey, Dorothy meets friends who suffer from their own limitations, seeking a brain, heart, and courage, respectively. And off they go down the yellow brick road, seekers of the Great and Powerful Oz—the only one who can give them salvation.

Upon meeting the enlarged head of Oz, the seekers discover he is nothing more than a charlatan. This imposter found that by creating a “godlike” image, the hearts and minds of seekers would soon follow. And so he ruled the merry ole land of Oz until Dorthy and her companions exposed him.

Even at the very end, while his hot air balloon hung above the Emerald City (hot air is an incredible metaphor for how full of shit the Wizard of Oz really was), he still could not save her. The ability to save Dorothy was always within her. In the case of the film, the ruby red slippers, their red color synonymous with the beating red heart. Our hearts being the actual creators of our destiny and keeper of the gateway home.

Although simply a movie, The Wizard of Oz stands out as the perfect metaphor for the spiritual journey: the trials and tribulations, the camaraderie of those who are also seeking, the manipulation of those in power, and ultimately, the understanding that our true power lies within.

The Hijacking of Beliefs:

In the labyrinth of existence, we are all seekers of light, yearning for meaning, purpose, and a connection to something greater than ourselves. However, this quest for enlightenment has often been hijacked by those who seek to control us – be it through religious doctrines, political ideologies, or societal norms. By dictating what is right or wrong, sacred or profane, these forces shape our perceptions, influence our actions, and mold the collective consciousness to serve their interests.

  1. Religious Dogmas: Organized religions, in their quest for authority, have often hijacked the genuine spiritual yearnings of individuals. Dogmas and doctrines can become chains, limiting the expansive nature of spiritual exploration and binding followers to a prescribed set of beliefs. The Wizard of Oz was the “God” of Oz. The one they believed was their “savior.”
  2. Political Ideologies: Governments, too, wield the power to shape belief systems. Political ideologies can be as dogmatic as religious doctrines, fostering allegiance to a particular worldview and suppressing dissent. The manipulation of beliefs becomes a means of consolidating power and maintaining control over the masses. The Wicked Witch represents the rule of kingdoms and governments, exercising power over those who feared her.

The Call to Rise:

In the face of such manipulation, there is a profound need to rise from the passive posture of submission. We must reclaim our beliefs, recognizing that true enlightenment is not found in blind obedience but in the exploration of our own inner truths.

  1. Reconnecting with Inner Wisdom: The power we seek lies within our hearts, in the wisdom that transcends external doctrines. By reconnecting with our inner selves, we tap into a wellspring of intuition and insight that is free from external manipulation.
  2. Embracing Personal Truths: Instead of adhering to external narratives, we must embrace our personal truths. This involves a courageous exploration of our beliefs, shedding what no longer serves us, and embracing a belief system that aligns with our authentic selves.
  3. Cultivating Empowerment: The journey to reclaiming our beliefs is also a journey toward personal empowerment. It involves recognizing the unlimited power within our hearts and understanding that we can shape our destinies.

It wasn’t until Dorothy stood up to the Wizard that she exposed him as a fraud. This action led the seekers to the final part of their journey, where they discovered that knowledge, love, bravery, and freedom were available within them the entire time; they only had to SEE it.

As seekers of light, we must acknowledge how external forces have hijacked our beliefs. The call to reclaim our autonomy and to rediscover the power within our hearts is upon us. In this act of reclamation, we free ourselves from the manipulative grip of external influences and contribute to humanity’s collective awakening. It’s time to click our heels together three times and set ourselves free.

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