Empath vs Narcissist

Narcissists are charmers and very good at stroking the egos of those they wish to suck into their web. They will tell you everything you want to hear and more. They will be your very best friend, the one who comes to your aid when needed, rushes to bring you food you didn’t ask for, and speaks highly of you to anyone who will listen (at first). They are so enchanting; you will be floating on cloud nine, wondering how you got so lucky to attract this incredible human who seems to “get” you.
But that’s the rub. They don’t actually get you, far from it. Empaths and narcissists are opposed, so they could never get you.

The Fault in Our Scars

The scars told the story of a warrior who did not succumb to their wounds. One who lived to fight another day, even if the fight was on the inside. And one who had a body willing to fight for it and heal what was broken, even if it could never be the same.

Dying to be Pretty

In a society where the truth is presented as a lie and the liars our saviors, it will take quite a bit of self-reflection to get to this point of wisdom, but if we band together, we can do it. We have the power to make inner beauty the trend. If not for ourselves, for the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren.

Manifesting Prosperity

There are many schools of thought regarding manifesting things we desire. They all involve some affirmation to the universe to bless us in a way that can improve our life circumstances. And so, we follow this path and do as we are told. We write in journals, create vision boards, pray each night, light candles, […]