The Rainbow Bridge: All Pets Go To Heaven



Losing a pet is a horrible loss.

These beloved furry creatures come into our lives and become part of us, not unlike our family.

When they pass, whether natural or through tragedy, the loss can be devastating, and more often than not, we are left with so many unanswered questions.

I found myself in this very situation when my dog ( who was originally my ex’s dog)  died of asphyxiation during a horrible heatwave.

I don’t think devastated accurately describes the feeling I had when I got the phone call from my ex screaming that Bink was dead.

My brother and I went to meet him to help him take care of the body.  We had been broken up for quite some time. However, we all put our differences aside to ensure that this little being who had touched all our lives was adequately taken care of.  It was one of the more emotionally heartbreaking experiences of my life.

All the thoughts that went through my head were the same as when my grandmother died;  “Did he suffer?” “Was he in pain?”  “He must have been so scared.”


All I could do was cry whenever I thought about his final moments here on earth, and the fact that I could do nothing to save him was eating me alive.

A good friend of mine suggested we see a pet psychic.

“This woman is amazing.  She can talk to all the animals that have crossed over.”

Having nothing to lose, we went.

As I sat before Connie, I could not contain my emotion.

“Don’t worry, sweetie; you will feel much better when we are done here.”

I nodded.

“Okay,” she said.  “You have several pets coming through.  A rabbit with one ear is really excited to see you.  Boy, is she cute!”

I almost choked.  My bunny, Hopper was rescued from a testing lab when I was a child.  Because of all the chemicals tested on her mother, she was born with one-half of one ear, a prominent trait that Connie had picked up on right away.

“My baby!”  I said, with tears in my eyes.  “She’s okay.”

“Oh yes.  But she says you are not here for her, you are here for him. She is pointing to this adorable English Bulldog.”  “She says he just got there.” “Bank, Brink, ”

“Bink,” I said.

“He wants you to know he is very happy and didn’t suffer.  He knows you are worried about that.  He is also showing me that the angels came for him, and he just found himself here in this field; he didn’t feel any pain; it was just like one minute he was in the house, the next in a field.”

Tear poured down my face but I remained silent as she continued.

“He says he can breathe well, which he’s excited about.  Also, he said they gave him a ton of natural peanut butter ice cream, which is much better than the stuff he had on earth.” Connie found this amusing and broke out into a fit of laughter.

I couldn’t believe it.  Bink loved peanut butter, and he LOVED ice cream, so I bought him these doggie ice creams that were peanut butter flavored.  I always felt he didn’t like them as much as the real thing.

“Wow.  Now I know you are talking to him.”

“He said that would make you happy.”

“This is cute.  He is showing me that he came to visit you the other night.  He says you were sleeping, but not in your room, in another room.  He was jumping up onto the bed to try and comfort you.  He said you felt him.”

I almost fell off my chair. I was sleeping in my best friend’s room because I couldn’t stop crying.  During the night, we both felt what seemed like two paws continuously pressing down on different sides of the bed.  Steph said she thought it might be Bink trying to find me. There was no way this woman could have known that.

“He isn’t used to his spirit form yet, so he was having difficulty getting up on the bed.”

“He always had difficulty getting up on the bed because he was so overweight,” I said through tears.

“Well, my dear, we have come to the end of this reading.  I hope you enjoyed your time with Bink.”

“Thanks so much, Connie.  I feel like I’m finally able to say goodbye.”

“No, no, sweetheart.  It’s never goodbye.  He’s waiting by the rainbow bridge.  That is where they will come to meet you when you cross over.  Until then, all our beloved pets play in this beautiful place where they are loved, cared for and act as guides for their human counterparts.”

I didn’t speak but let the tears flow down my face.

We are all on a spiritual journey, even our pets.  It is all beautifully designed by the divine in a way we can never really understand until we are reunited with our true form. So remember, when your best furry friend is called home, don’t say goodbye.  Say, see you soon.

Keep Seeking,


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  1. So sorry for your loss Angel! And, I love this post ~ All Pets and Animals DO go to Heaven! It is always heart breaking when we lose a pet who is our family and love. But, I would have rather loved and lost than not loved them at all. They are always with us, always!!! Much Light & Love to you Angel!

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