I Am Human

I am human.

I am not perfect or always kind.

I have thoughts, some wonderful, some terrifying, and some that I wish I didn’t have.

I can be quick to anger but fast to forgive.

I’ve loved, been loved, AM love, yet I find it hard to love myself.

I sometimes let careless words hurt me and can spew wild words that hurt others.

I am afraid of being weak even when I’m strong.

I let fear rule my mind when love would do a better job.

I am harsher to myself than you could ever be to me.

I want to live in joy but fear what might happen if I just let go.

I seek power over my mind rather than let my mind rule me.

I think I’m not good enough when I was born from the light already perfect.

I often work on myself, while those who judge me do not.

I try my best to show my sincerity through my actions, not words, which often can be meaningless.

I worry too much and pray too little.

I have been through incredible pain and indescribable joy.

I’ve been blessed with opportunities to grow, yet I repeat the same hard lessons.

I fear things I can’t control when surrendering to them would set me free.

I have amazing people that walk the world with me, some seen, most unseen.

I have been betrayed by those I’ve thought were friends and given aid by those considered enemies.

I’ve loved those that couldn’t love me back.

I mourn the past and fear the future, finding it hard to enjoy the present.

I am never alone, although I think I am.

I’ve kept toxic people in my life far past their expiration date.

I tolerate nonsense when it would be better to cut ties.

I’ve laughed at myself, cried alone, and tried to be my best friend.

I spend my days wondering why I’m here.

I spend nights fearing where I’ll go when I’m done here.

I try to enjoy the little things.

I am a work in progress.

I make mistakes and keep going.

I never give up, even when I want to.

I seek to find my way through the darkness and back to the light.

I am human.

Keep Seeking,





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