A Hollywood Tale


Our newest tale hails from the year 1974 when a film crew loaded in on a small island off the coast of Massachusetts known as Martha’s Vineyard.

Now how did the psychic junkie come to hear this tale you ask? How else?  On one of my late night psychic binges, I came across a woman named  Jody on Keen.  She told me she was the daughter of a famous Salem Witch.

I can’t remember what the reading was about or if her predictions came true, but I do remember that we got onto the subject of movies and she told me this story about her mother and a Hollywood prediction made one Sunday afternoon in the summer of 1974.

Some members of the crew had found their way to their store in Salem.  As they wandered through, they were mumbling and complaining about issues they were having on set.

The Salem Witch inquired as to what they were working on and if anyone she knew was in it.  One of the crew members, a rather portly man replied, “I doubt it.  This director is really green, he has no idea what he’s doing.  It’s embarrassing.  All I know is,  I won’t be telling anybody I know I worked on this crap.”

“May I ask his name?” Inquired the Salem Witch.

“Why?  It doesn’t matter. You’ll never hear of him again after this movie is released … if it’s released.”

The men chuckled amongst themselves.

“Humor me.” She retorted.

“Steven.  Steven Spielberg.”

“I hate to bust up your pity party, but you’re dead wrong about him.” She said with quiet confidence.

The crew members went silent.

“Not only is this movie going to be successful, but this man will be one of the most successful directors of our time.”

She turned to the portly man, “And you … you will tell EVERYONE you ever meet that you worked on this film.”

I don’t have to tell you how this prediction ended.  Not only did Spielberg become the prophesied director that the Salem Witch spoke of, but his “crappy” little movie known as Jaws went on to become the seventh highest ranking film of all time before Star Wars was release in 1978.  And as of January 2018, it is the 204th-highest-grossing film of all time with $470.7 million world-wide, and the 66th highest domestically with a total North American gross of $260 million. Not bad for a green director whom no one would ever hear from again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 1.22.10 PM
Click here to watch Jaws.  I mean if you haven’t seen it and you are a living breathing human over 17 … you’re welcome.

So there you have it folks. Whether this story is really true or just some sort of fantastical tale told from the mouth of witches I’ll never really know.  What I do know however, is that a premonition from a Salem Witch in the summer of 1974, found itself coming to fruition and some thirty years later, whispering softly into the ears of a cinephile psychic junkie.



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