7 Home Remedies for Clearing Toxic Energy

Toxic people are everywhere, and with them, poisonous energy.  Many of us perceive these lower vibrational energies on a psychic level but write them off.

A telltale sign you are around negative energy is feeling drained. This is not some figment of your imagination. I once was around someone so toxic I thought I had developed narcolepsy.  Every time I would come home from being with him, I passed out.  I was in an energy coma, and it took days to recover.

If you could see energy transfer from one human to the next, you would see what looks like little hooks flying from one person to another, hooking into their chakras.  These “chords” can suck your precious energy right out from under your nose, energizing the person stealing it and leaving you weak and vulnerable to psychic attack.


  1. Headaches.  If you get a headache every time you are with someone, you might want to think about what your body is telling you.
  2. Fatigue.  If you are exhausted to the point of needing a nap, you might have been sucked dry by an energy vampire.  Sleep will help as it will allow the body to recharge.
  3. Anxiety.  The human body is a fantastic conductor.  It perceives things we love to ignore.  You might want to re-think the relationship if you are constantly anxious around someone.

Do not automatically assume that someone who sucks your energy is a “bad” person.  Some people don’t realize they’re doing it. They just haven’t mastered control of their energy and tend to take it from anyone and everyone they can.



This tried, and true remedy is my first go-to.  I always keep white sage sticks around my house.  It doesn’t matter who has been at my home. The Dalai Lama could have been staying here with Jesus the Christ and I will still sage after they leave.


Water is not only the best cleanser, but it is incredibly healing.  In many countries, bathing in the sea at the start of a new year is thought to remove the energy of the past, ushering in a fresh new start to your year.

Epsom salt is also a great cleanser and not to mention a good source of magnesium.  Pour one cup into a warm bath, relax and let the salt carry away the toxic energies.  You can even envision the gunk going down the drain when you are done.  Add fresh rose petals, lavender, or lemon oil to enlighten, relax or energize you.


They make excellent sage sprays you can carry for emergency cleansing.  These sprays are fantastic for clearing the air when you feel like you are carrying more than your own energetic weight.


There are so many crystals to choose from, each having different properties.  When removing negative energy, Black Obsidian is my crystal of choice.  It sucks all the negativity out of your auric field.  Be sure to sage it before and after use.

You can charge crystals under the full moon but remember that you are resetting the stone.  So any good energy of yours it was holding will be gone when charged under the moon.  That being said, always charge them in the moonlight when you first buy them. This ensures they are free and clear to work with your energy.


Chanting is a beautiful way to open yourself up to the higher dimensions and dispel any negativity and toxicity you have garnered along life’s journey.  It is also an excellent way to absolve Karmic ties and influences from this and past lives.

Sincere daily practice can remove toxic people from your life without you ever having to do a thing. I cannot say enough about chanting and will expand on the topic in a future post.


Movement of any sort is good at getting rid of bad energy.  Dancing, running, yoga, pilates, sports, swimming, etc.  They will all work in moving the toxic energies out of your auric field.  Since they also raise your endorphins, you will feel super happy, which is always the best way to combat negativity. Movement is a must to stay positive.


Lemons are unique little fruits!  They can suck up all the negative energy in a room and absorb it into their porous little bodies.  There are so many uses for this superpower fruit I can’t even begin to expand upon them all.  Here are my top three:

  1. Put a bowl of lemons out when you feel you need to clear the air.  The lemons will absorb any toxic residue left by guests, ex-lovers, or even you after being out and about for the day.
  2. Have someone in your life you need to chill the hell out? Cut open half a lemon. Place a piece of paper with that person’s name inside.  Close the two halves.  Wrap the lemon in tin foil and throw it in the freezer.  I sometimes yell, “Chill Out,”  if that person is incredibly irritating.  You can remove the lemon from your freezer whenever you are ready.
  3. Lemon Water.  Drink as much of it as you can.  It clears the skin and resets your system if you suffer from anxiety or depression.  Drink a gallon of lemon water daily and see what miracles can happen.

These are just some of my favorite things for eliminating toxic energies. Try whatever feels right for you and leave the rest.

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