Don’t Judge People on The Opinions Of Others

I received an email recently from a woman named “Marta” who was having difficulty with a woman in her town.  We went back and forth and she agreed to let me share her story.  I have removed names.  Here is an excerpt from her letter:

For two years I have been working with this “woman”.  We became fast friends and I truly liked her, but noticed she had this habit of always talking badly about people. My gut would  tell me to keep my distance but I didn’t listen.  I started to fear that one day, she might do the same thing to me as it seemed these she spoke about  were always her “friends”.  A few months ago we had a minor falling out which I thought was no big deal until all of a sudden people started acting strange with me.  I found out from a mutual friend that this woman was speaking ill of me, telling lies and half truths to anyone who would listen.  She even went so far as to repeat things she had said about people as though I’d said it!!  I’m heartbroken and devastated.  Do you see any way I can get through this without causing more drama for myself?”

There are quite a few things to address here so let’s dig in!

  1. If your intuition tells you that you should be wary of someone then LISTEN TO IT!!  Your gut is one hundred percent never wrong even if you think it is.  Learn to trust it.  It will help you avoid situations and people like this.
  2. Anyone who talks badly about people constantly is DEFINITELY going to do it to you.  It’s just a matter of time.
  3. Those who listen and act on idle gossip are in some ways worse than the person spreading it. Insecure people follow the crowd, they don’t have the ability to think for themselves and should therefore be avoided.  You don’t want to be associated with obsequious pions willing to conform to the ideals of morons.
  4. People believe what they want to believe, not what is necessarily true.  So if your other friends, clients, etc. are happily listening to her, it is because they want to.  Cut them loose too.  Eventually they will fall victim to her crap and be trying to connect with you to tell you how awful she is… I wouldn’t answer that call.
  5. “She even went so far as to repeat things she’d said about people as though I’d said them.” Okay, this is borderline sociopath behavior.  Anyone who behaves like this has severe mental and emotional problems which requires professional help.  I guarantee that more people know she is not right in the head than you even know.
  6. Jealousy, envy and competition among women is alive and well.  You would think with all the female empowerment movements out there we would be on the verge of a consciousness shift but sadly, we are a far cry from this.

We have all  had people like this grace our lives at one point or another.  Often times we have been blessed with several of them.  I like to call them the teachers in the negative space.  They are souls who have agreed to teach us something on our journey but unlike teachers that bring us positive experiences, they bring negative ones in order for us to learn and grow from them.

So rather than be upset or angry, as this is a waste of your precious energy, thank them in your prayers and meditation and move on.  Slowly break free, there doesn’t need to be some huge conflict, or blowout, just be unavailable.  Eventually these people move on to the next one, and the next one and the next one.

On the flip side, it is so important to make up your own mind when meeting people.  Judging someone on the opinion of others says more about you than is does them.  This is not an admirable quality.  You must always form your own opinion, even if it isn’t the “popular opinion.” I cannot tell you haw many amazing people in my life I was “warned” about from some bottom feeding hate monger.  Had I listened to their empty words I would have lost out on some of the best relationships in my life.

We meet so many different people on our journey, and not all are meant to be in our lives forever.  When we come upon those that are not a vibrational match, thank the universe for the lesson and move on.  For the next great love, friendship, partnership or relationship is waiting just around the corner.


Keep Seeking,


Thanks Marta for letting me share your story! If you have a question for the Psychic Junkie click here.


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