Nobody Gets To See The Wizard


Frightened? You’re talking to a man who has laughed in the face of death,

sneered at doom, and chuckled at catastrophe.  I was petrified.

– The Wizard of Oz

Let’s get real about the Wizard of Oz. The  Wizard of OZ is a narcissist who doesn’t even redeem himself and nobody talks about it. So, let’s dive in shall we?
The Wizard of Oz was a con man.  He swindled the people of the merry old land of Oz into believing he was a great and powerful being, not unlike God himself.  Yet in reality, he was nothing more than a sociopath.  He hid behind a curtain puppeteering a raging giant head that touted itself as the great and powerful Oz.  Being a phony coward, he knew he could not defeat the Wicked Witch of the West although he made the people believe that he somehow protected them from her.  So, he used a child and her friends, manipulating them with the false promise of a heart, a brain, home, and courage in order to do his bidding.

Now it’s true, he valiantly attempted to help Dorothy get back to Kansas, declaring that he would take her there himself, but that was only AFTER he was exposed as a fraud.  Since Sociopaths are known to have entrepreneurial versatility, the minute he was no longer going to be revered by his loyal subjects as the all-powerful, all-knowing OZ, he had to quickly shift gears to Savior (another favorite of the sociopath).

The warmth he displayed toward Dorothy and her friends was disingenuous and without any real emotion attached.  It was merely a desperate attempt to save his self-image.  Being unable to deliver on his promise of a brain, the slick Oz convinces the scarecrow all he would need is a diploma, and bam! Brains. Now the Scarecrow is suddenly smart although we know he has been all along, he just never believed in himself.

Next is the Lion who of course was brave by virtue of the fact that he was even on this journey, to begin with, so by giving the Lion a Medal of Valor, the Lion now believes he has courage, which he’s also had all along.

The Tin Man thought he was without a heart, yet he was the most caring and emotional of them all (he is warned not to cry or he would rust).  The liar of Oz swindles him into thinking that all he needs is a testimonial and hands him a ticking heart clock.  But he says two things here that are very telling: “A heart will never be practical until it can be made unbreakable.” And the piece de resistance, “Remember that a heart is not judged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others.”  Adoration is a hallmark of the sociopath who seeks to be loved and adored by everyone.  This is rooted in deep psychological need and ego and will be sought after at all costs.

Without ever having to admit he lied, the double-talking phony maintains his status quo as the all-powerful Wizard Oz heading full speed ahead into Savior of Oz once he can get Dorothy back to Kansas.  Does he do this quietly? No! A big spectacle is made in order to show the world how amazing and altruistic he is! Look at me! Okay, so I am not a giant head after all, but forget the charlatan behind the curtain who lied, deceived, and manipulated you for so long.  Look at all the amazing things I am doing!

There they are, about ready to take off in his hot air balloon, which is an amazing analogy in itself, as pathological liars are known to be full of “hot air” when all of a sudden, Toto jumps out of the balloon to chase a cat.  Dorothy goes after him and the balloon takes off.

Now if you listen closely, you will hear the Wizard say, “You’ve ruined my exit.”  Proving once and for all that he was never interested in helping Dorothy, but rather furthering his own agenda to maintain his need for power.  And when Dorothy pleads for him to return he cries, “I can’t come back, I don’t know how it works.”  We finally understand (if you didn’t get it by now) that this man is nothing more than a bullshit artist, a snake oil salesman equipped with a Ponzi scheme for hopes and dreams.

The Universe conspires to rid the people of Oz of this emotional terrorist, once again bringing in Glinda (the Guardian Angel) to help Dorothy. Poor Dorothy who had the power to go home all along if she just understood it.  This is a metaphor for our own spiritual journey.  Dorothy spent so much time searching outside herself (as many of us do) when the ability to go home was within her the whole time.
She wakes up from the dream to find herself surrounded by those she loves. Proving that life IS but a dream, and we are the creators of our destiny.

Keep Seeking,





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