Mindfulness VS Mindlessness: Choose Wisely

The alarm goes off and it’s time to wake.  I am often times exhausted from my mind racing in the wee hours of the morning, but I know that it is in this moment I must make a crucial decision.

Mindfulness or Mindlessness?  I must choose.  But I must choose wisely, for while one can bring peace and tranquility, the other will take it from me.

In choosing Mindfulness, my day starts out something like this…

It’s 5am and I head downstairs for a cup of peppermint tea.

I am dressed in comfy clothes and after a brisk half hour walk, I return to do thirty minutes of Yoga to relax my body and mind. 

An hour of chanting follows, with my focus and intent set upon devotion to the divine.

By 7am I am ready for the day and have not once yet “connected” the cyberspace continuum.

My mindfulness practice sets the tone for my day.  Afterwards, I am energized, happy, and at peace. 

My creative channels are open and receiving like little lightning rods of love.  I  can tackle anything thrown at me. 

I feel amazing and grounded and connected all at the same time.  It is what they mean by living in the moment and being one with my nature.  It is nothing short of divine BLISS.


In choosing Mindlessness, my day starts out like this…

The alarm goes of at 5am and I shut it.  I wake up again at 7am and not motivated to do much else, I grab my phone.

Good Morning Angelique! It’s 7:05 and you have one hundred and fifty unread notifications.  But before you check them, check this out!

These designer brands are on sale today and are being promoted by the biggest influencers in the world.  Grab that 20% off code and go get yours, girl. 

Can’t fit into those clothes?  Don’t worry the latest diet rage can be yours via download or online course, whichever you prefer or have the money and time for.  

Once you get rid of that fat you’re going to need to go from flab to fab so why not sign up with these celebrity personal trainers?  Don’t have time to get to the gym? No worries you can download this app and this app and this app and you can do it right in the comfort of your own home! 

All that work is nothing without a proper diet.  There is a new farm to table, free-range, organic, gluten free, dairy free restaurant that just opened up near you that fifty of your closest friends social media “friends” have gone to and they just love it! #cleaneating

Speaking of eating, how are your teeth looking?  Especially yellow?  Don’t worry, there is this amazing black coal you can buy whitening your teeth instantly.   It burned your gums?  Forget that crap, try this super cool teeth whitening system with this awesome little light of awesomeness.  It will give you the brightest whitest smile the world has ever seen!  

If you can’t get those teeth white try this amazing new lipstick from “Insert brand here.” It will last for the rest of your life so you’ll never have to wash it off ever, ever, ever!  Just be sure to pick the right color. 😉

Pair it with your cat hair eyelashes, micro-bladed brows, filled lips, new eye color, hair extensions, and tanned skin.

And how is your skin? Looking tired? Wrinkled? Try this amazing new mask.  It will freeze your face for thirty minutes then take ten years off that mug! Nothing short of Miraculous!  All the celebrities are doing it.

Speaking of celebrity, why are you still working for the man? Why not be your own boss and travel the world!  Follow this guy and this girl and read this book and that one and listen to this podcast, and watch that youtube video and you too will be on your way to financial freedom.

Have your freedom but still desperately seeking your spirituality? Take this course, read this book, try yoga, reiki, Buddhism, Hinduism, chanting, breathing, deep breathing, alternate nose breathing, guided meditation, group meditation, transcendental meditation, mindfulness, and retreats. 

Can’t afford this stuff or too busy?  Download all these apps which teach you how to do all the above.  Follow their blogs, FB pages, Instagram and don’t forget to buy their merchandise and tag yourself wearing it in hopes to become a brand ambassador and make some money!

Back to your social media feeds!  You have three new likes and four unfollows.  Twelve friend requests, six messages and four message requests pending.  

The time is now 7:10am.  Wishing you a wonderful day Angelique.  

It’s been five minutes and I am disconnected, grouchy, and my mind is racing.  I  have been bombarded with message after message after message on how to be “instaperfect,” yet the only thing I can honestly think about is…

Who un-followed me????

Elise.  That bitch.

Tomorrow I”ll begin with Mindfulness.

Keep Seeking,




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