When A Strange Light Appears

©Angelique Adelina

I have had this picture in my possession since 2005 when it was taken, at Foxwoods Casino, by my best friend.  She and I were there for a night out with some friends.  She had just gotten one of those new digital cameras and wanted to try it out.

“Pose for me.” She said clicking through her newest contraption.

I did, and the result well, it’s been a hard one to explain, to say the least.  This light that you can clearly observe, seems to be reaching into my chest.  It looked like a skinny stay puffed marshmallow arm coming from the sky trying to yank my heart out.

Next, I thought that somehow the camera had over exposed a light ray or something to that nature.  I’ve never heard of this theory and in all probability it doesn’t exist, but I could not explain what I was seeing, which of course made me rather anxious.

I have been to Gurus, Pundits, Healers, Shamans, Mediums and Priests to ask what the heck this is.  They all came up with a similar theory.  The camera, caught my heart chakra releasing energy at just the right moment, and what we see in this image is the energy imprint of that opening.

This sometimes happens with your 7th chakra as well.  People have been photographed with auras glowing in the middle of their heads.  They thought it was the fault of the printer who may have over exposed the film somehow, but none of their other pictures were damaged.

To this day, I stare at this picture in awe and wonder as to how this could have happened.  I seek to find some logical conclusion, and  yes I have been accused once of photoshopping it.

A friend of mine who created many logos for brands and did retouching for a rather famous high fashion magazine swore to me upon seeing it, that it had been edited.  We argued for a few minutes until said friend suggested I send him the photo to examine for himself.

“You are going to be sorry.  I can tell right away, when I see the pixels.” He said, all kinds of cocky.

“Pixel away my friend.” I replied as I sent him the file.  It took him three days to get back to me and when he did, his entire tone had changed.

“Ang, this is the creepiest photo I’ve ever seen.”

“I told you I didn’t photoshop it.  I can’t even use photoshop.” I said.  I wouldn’t learn to use photoshop until 2018.  Yes, you saw that number correctly.

“Weird shit always seems to happen to you.” He finished.

That was the understatement of the century.  These strange light phenomenons have come to me many, many times throughout my life.  After trying to rationally explain them I finally have to accept that I will just never know.

While these kinds of things definitely creep me out, I have learned to view them as little god winks.  Signs from the Universe that nothing is what it seems, and there is so much more for us to learn.

Keep Seeking,



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