Cracking the Abundance Code

Words and thoughts are a form of radioactivity and do not return void. By your words, you are justified, and by your words, you are condemned.

-Florence Scovel Shinn

Man has suffered greatly at the hands of money.  We have been controlled by those who have it, threatened by those who don’t, and we are terrified by the idea that wealth may pass us over lest we devote ourselves shamelessly to its cause.

There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting money.  At the very least, we need it to survive, at best, to thrive.  Some people work to the bone, never achieving wealth.  Others have more than they could ever spend in one lifetime.  Some resort to illegal means to acquire it, and others become obsessed with it; it takes precedence over all else.

Regardless of the psychology behind the idea of money, it is an inarguable fact that money is a necessity if we are going to live in this third-dimensional reality. And so, it begs to ask the question; why does it feel like it comes so easily for some, and for others, it is just out of reach?

What is money?

Money is a goddess.  It has its own set of spiritual laws that result in endless abundance and prosperity when we comply with them. And when we are out of alignment, it brings disease and disaster.

So, let’s look at money and see how our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings surrounding it can bring it to us or keep it from us.

Everything is Energy

Everything in the universe is energy that vibrates at a specific frequency. Money is no different. Attracting money is tricky because, depending on where we are vibrational, we can come by it in ways that would not serve our karma well. So we must be sure when we are manifesting abundance, we are doing so with a pure heart and intention.

Universal energy is neutral.  This means it cannot distinguish between a joke, fear, sarcasm, truth, or a heartfelt plea. It can only respond to how we feel about the thought or belief. This means the universe cannot comprehend “I don’t want.” So when we say things like “I don’t want to be poor. I don’t want to be broke,” etc. We will continue to get those things because we are vibing to the frequency of what we do not want. Therefore what we do not want is what we continue to attract.

Our words are extremely powerful. Take a moment and listen to how you speak. Do you choose your words carefully? Do you come from a place of positivity? Or are your words riddled with negativity and lack?

Words are spells in action. They are incantations that we are unconsciously spewing out into the ethers. Our words have power for good or bad, and when trying to tap into the abundance code, we must guard how we speak.

Allowing fear to take over will drag us into a place where we cannot seem to manifest our heart’s desires.  Let’s look at examples of how our words can create a positive or negative relationship with money.

Manifesting in the Negative Space

A friend of mine came into some money by way of inheritance. Before she received the money, she was stuck in a spiral of poverty consciousness, always speaking the word out loud about how broke she was. I warned her that when she got this money if she weren’t careful how she spoke, it would leave her hands just as quickly as it came. She assured me she would try her best to stay positive. Within a year, all the money she received was gone. She came to me devastated. He wanted to know how this could’ve happened. So we took a look at where she was vibing.

As soon as she received the money, the first thing she thought was, “This isn’t going to last.” This phrase became her mantra. It was the thing she focused on every day, and this was the beginning of the end before dollar one was even spent.
She was overcome with fear energy. And the problem with fear energy is that it is inherently negative.  Remember, if you are afraid, you will attract unto yourself any experience that vibrates at that same level. Inevitably, you will manifest the very thing you are scared of.

Because my friend felt deeply that she wasn’t deserving of the money and feared it would be taken away from her, that same outcome manifested in her reality.

Remember, nothing comes into our lives that our thoughts and emotions haven’t manifested. If we feel poor, we will always lose money no matter how much we may acquire from time to time.

Abundance Thinking

How does it work on the other end? If we can manifest our fears, then it stands to reason that we can also manifest our desires.  So, how do we tap into the abundance code? Is there a unique trick or action we aren’t all aware of?

Quite simply, yes.

There is an energy that brings with it an influx of positive energy. This energy heralds infinite abundance. What is it?

Gratitude is the secret entrance to the realm of universal abundance. To crack the abundance code, we must impress abundance upon the subconscious mind through GRATITUDE. Counting our blessings and genuinely feeling those blessings even BEFORE they manifest in our reality is the secret to tapping into the universal bank of supply. This sounds much easier in theory than practice, but it does work.

Here’s an example. A few years ago, I went through a horrible financial loss thanks to the efforts of a deceptive relative. I couldn’t see the forest for the trees at the time, and like my friend above, I kept manifesting my fear thoughts rather than allowing the universe to take care of me. I insisted on trying to control my unfortunate situation, which threw me into a tailspin.  The more I complained about my life, the worse things got.

That summer, I hit rock bottom. With no jobs on the horizon, absolutely everything came to a standstill. I was burning through my savings at a rapid pace.  It seemed a dark cloud had landed over my head, and I had no intention of moving. For months I withdrew and allowed depression and anxiety to get the better of me. Finally, I was starting to irritate my own ear canals. While it was true that I was no closer to finding a solution to my life, I could no longer listen to myself complain about it.

Being an avid reader, I dragged my sorry behind over to the bookstore to find some comfort among my leather-bound friends. That was when I came upon a book that would change my life; “The Game of Life and How to Play It.” Florence Scovel Shinn wrote it in the 1920s, and its message is more important today than ever. I read it in a couple of hours (I read fast) and immediately set about putting it into practice.

September arrived, and I was reeling even though I still had nothing new on the horizon. My vibration had risen significantly since practicing gratitude, and I felt amazing. So much so that I decided to go on a gratitude tour. Every day I thanked the universe for all I had. Every. Single. Thing. No matter how big or small. Every meeting, interaction, or conversation I had, even if they panned out to be nothing, I thanked the universe for bringing them to me. If I bought tea at a coffee shop, I immediately thanked the universe for the means to do so.  I became a walking gratitude machine and found that my feelings started to change.

I no longer felt frustrated. I found joy and appreciation in the little things. I realized that my happiness was not contingent upon what I had. I understood that those in the world had far less than me and were struggling far more. I set out to bless them and forget about my selfish desires. In sending them love and light, I forgot about my situation. I decided to put one foot in front of the other and completely reinvent myself.  It was a long hard road, often fraught with rejection, but I had trained myself to be immune to discouragement and adverse events. And after a few months, it was about to pay off.

November hit, and an influx of new jobs, partnerships, and opportunities flooded in. My money supply multiplied seemingly overnight. All the things I had focused my positive thoughts upon were manifesting in real time. I took a moment to grasp what was happening entirely. Rather than dissect it, I went with it. Money was flowing easily now, and I certainly wasn’t going to take it for granted. I continued, and to this day, I continue to offer my gratitude for everything that comes my way.

The universe is ready and willing to take care of us. Our needs are already met if we sincerely FEEL they are. And when we can tap into that kind of thinking, we will be amazed at how quickly all the universe will conspire to provide for us.

How to Attract Money

Speaking strictly from the vibrational sense, here are some things to keep in mind when trying to attract abundance :

  1. TRUST the universe for your supply. Even if the result is not instantaneous, constant faith in the universal bank will continuously open doors for you.
  2. AFFIRM your blessings and your FAITH in the universal supply.
  3. DEMONSTRATE your prosperity. Buy something you would be afraid to buy because of lack. Show the universe you know you are taken care of.
  4. GIVE THANKS for all you have in the present tense, as though you have already received it.

“Gratitude is the law of increase, a complaint the law of decrease.”


How we feel is vital in attracting abundance into our lives. If we want the goddess of money to bless us, we must vibrate on her level. And to vibrate on her level, we must give thanks for her blessings even before they have been made manifest.

Life goes up and down. We cycle through loss and gain constantly. However, if we can keep to the middle path and remain steady in our trust, then all we need will always be provided.

Giving thanks is a daily practice that heralds tons of positive energy.  And while some may say it is simply good fortune that brings abundance to some, not others, I say it isn’t a good fortune. It is gratitude.


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