The Gift is the Awareness


“Addie, is Pete going to marry me?  Is he the one for me?  Are we going to have children?”  These questions came flying at me while sitting on the beach with a dear friend.  I was overcome with her energy and while I could have certainly delved right in to see what was going on in her life, I decided to take a different approach.

“*Dena.  You’ve only been dating him a month.  Take some time to get to know him.”

“Yes but I want to know.”

Ahhh yes.  This is something I can totally relate to and sympathize with.  I am after all, a psychic junkie.  But being a psychic junkie, I had this overwhelming feeling of responsibility.  I felt that I needed to bring some understanding to my friend as to the nature of the road she was going down, a road that demanded she have her eyes open.

“Dena.  You need to ask yourself these questions.  You are the only one who can really say for sure what this is or isn’t going to be.  Our intuition is very good and never wrong.  We just don’t listen to it.”

“I can’t tell for myself and I just need to know.” she said.

“Why don’t you try living in the moment instead of worrying about the future.  Let your story tell itself.”  I said.  My hypocrisy was not lost on me, however I knew better than to allow someone to get immersed in this addiction without at least sharing what I had learned from it.

“I guess I’ll just have to call a psychic and let them tell me.” she spat, completely missing the point.  And such is the plight of human nature.

What happens, when you are addicted to psychics (like myself) and more importantly when you are addicted to knowing the future?  What is one to do when faced with this enormous mountain called the unknown, that looms in front of you like a giant beast threatening your very existence?

While psychics can be really great tools for helping you when in a jam and really needing someone to help you make sense of things that often don’t make sense, there is no place like home.  Turning in to your heart in that quiet place where that small voice lives is something I would strongly advise you do.  You should never trust anyone 100%.  Even moi, who has had hundreds of readings has never listened to anything that didn’t resonate with my intuition.  Learning to trust your own guidance is the single-most important step for understanding who you are and why you came here, and a must if you are going to dabble in the world of psychics.

With our ability to utilize our free will, it would make it hard for anyone to really know absolutely everything about you.  I have had many readings that were dead wrong, which I will share with you in subsequent posts. This is very important to understand if you are going to dabble in  he world of psychic, healers, mediums, clairvoyants, and readers.  There are many factors that go into a reading including but not limited to; the judgment of the reader, jealousy (yes this is a big one) those that want to clear years of dark energy for thousands of dollars (see Gypsies, Scams, and Thieves) and those that phish for information, so you need to be discerning if you are going to walk this path responsibly.

While there are many amazing intuitives out there (and I am happy to recommend them to you)  I have found that trusting yourself and listening to your own precious guidance is the only sure way to navigate the dark passages of uncertainty.  There are many ways to do this, not all being some deep meditation in an ashram or temple, or hiking the Himalayas, or insert any other spiritual quest here.  It’s the ruby slippers metaphor. ‘There’s no place like home.”  Dorothy had the key all along, she just didn’t know how to use it.  The same is true with your intuition.

When someone says they have a gift, it is not an ability they have, it’s an awareness.  An awakening of sorts.  Some came here with it, others opened it over time, and it is not something that you yourself have not been blessed with.  It is actually your birth right, and it sits there waiting for you to unlock it.  Throughout my 20+ years of navigating theses waters I have come to this conclusion; get comfortable not knowing. Be adaptable and like water flow gently over obstacles, for the only thing in life that is certain is uncertainty, and the only way to navigate through it is with awareness.

Seek Responsibly,


*Name change


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