SAGE: Why You Can’t Live Without It

People always chuckle when I say I am screwed without my sage stick, especially when I was living in NYC, where there were far too many people with far too many dark astral energies stalking them.

I’ve had guests who cringed at the smell of it and went screaming in the night.  But that never bothers me because that is precisely what sage is supposed to do, rid you of negative energy and those who bring it with them.

Using sage can be pretty easy once you get the hang of it. There are many different theories, but I feel it’s best to use your intuition when performing any ritual or cleansing ceremony.


White Sage and Cedar and Sweet Grass, oh my!! Which do we use? The answer? All of them! There is a purpose for each sage stick and what I like to call their “master property.” Below are just some of the beneficial uses of Sage:

  1. Moving to a new place? Cedar Sticks are fabulous for clearing out any lingering astral energies from previous owners/renters. It will also help to keep the space protected and clear of any energies that may attach themselves to you while out in the big wide world.
  2. Coming back from a club? Frat party? Dark Bar? White Sage is excellent for that. It’s the master purifier and much thicker than the other herbs. You can buy smudge sticks or loose leaves. If burning loose sage, be sure to have a small pot to burn them in.  You can stand over the pot and waft the smoke all over your body, OR if you are impatient like me, grab a smudge stick and waft away.  As you clear the astral garbage for the sake of your precious aura, tell the darkness to “Go to the Light” or “Get the Hell Out.”  Whatever works.  Use your intuition.
  3. Depressed? No problem, Sage is perfect for lightening your load.  Get a good thick smoke going, crack a window and let it burn, baby.  Put out the stick BEFORE you lay on your bed, calmly breathing in the smoke.  Ask the source to remove the depression from your mind and body.  Then say a prayer of thanks to her for getting rid of those crappy thoughts.
  4. If the smell of White Sage is too powerful, you can always use Sweet Grass which is much lighter, and while typically used after white sage to usher in positive energies, it is always a good option for those with sensitivities to smoke.
  5. Can I clean my crystals with Sage? Of course!! It would be best to clean your crystals and any other tools you wish to use while connecting to the divine, as they are conduits and do not discriminate between negative and positive energies. Crystals can be placed directly in the smoke for cleansing.
  6. Smudge Kits are also available if you are experienced with sage and would like something a little more advanced.  This is the Smudge Kit  I have used, and I highly recommend it.  Again this is for those who already have experience with Sage; however, if you feel so ambitious to purchase a kit, more power to you.  Just be sure to read the directions carefully.
  7. If you really can’t tolerate the smoke, and some people cannot, there are Sage Sprays you can carry in your bag or your room.  They are amazing, and they work pretty well at eliminating negative energies.

If all this sounds a little daunting, remember that a good old fashion white sage smudge stick will usually do the job.  A little dance around your room with the smoke, combined with positive intention and a good old “Get the Hell Out” for the darker energies, and you are in business.

So how does one get their beautiful little hands on this powerful ally?  You can get sage in any new-age store, Whole Foods, or Amazon! I have personally used smudge sticks from Amazon and assure you they are good.

Once your Sage arrives, the fun begins…the burning. Light the end of the stick, making sure to get a nice thick layer of smoke going. Rotate the stick in a counterclockwise direction, starting in the corners of the room, and pulling the smoke to the center.  Open the doors and windows to release the smoke out of the room. While the smoke exits, recite positive affirmations to bless your space with. If you are burning loose Sage, the same rules apply. Light the Sage in the pot or bowl and carry it around the room, practicing the same ritual as stated above.

As with burning anything (candles, cigarettes, pot, photos of exes, etc.), please use caution.  Anything left unattended for even a second can result in life-threatening consequences.  If you are burning loose Sage, make sure it’s in a pot, as suggested earlier. If you opt for the stick, don’t take any chances; always ensure you have something underneath to catch any ashes, like an abalone shell or even a cookie plate.  If you have carpet, those little embers can burn neat little holes in them, so be careful.

Always put the Sage out after use. Check it a few times to make sure no burning embers went unnoticed.

Keep positive, bask in the glow of your beautiful inner light, banish those demons, and always practice safe burning.

Seek Responsibly,


** I have no affiliation with any of the products I have linked to.  They are the products I use, and I am sharing them with you as a recommendation.  Many options exist, so if these don’t resonate with you, do your research.  You’ll find what you are looking for.  Keep Seeking <3



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