The Reality of Perception

The difference of opinions has plagued humanity since our creation. The battle of ‘I’m right, and you’re wrong is as old as time.

As a result, relationships have been lost, wars have been fought, and people have been killed.

When we find ourselves engaged in an argument, often we are so stuck in our view of things we may not hear where the other person is coming from.

We often stand by our convictions with self-righteousness, condemning others with judgments if things are not perceived our way.

Yet, what if there were no such thing?

What if we understood that there are multiple perceptions from co-creators playing out on the world’s stage? Each one is unique to its creator. Perceptions that allow Source to explore itself through endless possibilities and scenarios?

What if we could see things from the macrocosm instead of the microcosm? What would we find? We might find that we all experience this illusion of reality differently; therefore, what one might see as trivial, another may experience as traumatic. Are you either right or wrong? No. They are simply different perspectives.

Certain things are “morally right,” but even those can be interpreted differently from person to person.

As we seek enlightenment, it is more important than ever to drop our judgments and stubbornly fixed points of view and allow other perceptions to exist.

We can agree to disagree.  We cannot tell another they are wrong and we are right.  This denies we are all one and that there is truth in everything.

How others interpret their experiences here on earth is unique to how they see the world. And how they see the world depends upon many factors outside our understanding (childhood, past lives, religious beliefs, politics, etc.) Unless we align with how someone perceives things, we will likely not always agree.

But not agreeing is okay! It means that we can learn from one another. Perhaps see things through different eyes. This is how we come to unity. It is also how we can experience the divine. When we can accept someone’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions as valuable, even if they are not in alignment with our own, we open ourselves up to accelerating our spiritual growth.

When we exert our power over another, we say their journey is insignificant, and ours is somehow superior.  This is not divine.  This is ego-driven.

And nothing could be farther from the truth.


The energy that surrounds us is a sphere. And the beauty of a sphere is that it is the universal symbol of unity, wholeness, and completion. It is the mother’s womb, and all perceptions are possible in the center of the sphere.

It’s why planets are round (sorry flat earthers). Portals are round. Moons, stars, and atoms…all around.

The center is the will of the cosmos. Going within is where the truth lies.

And what is the truth?

That all perceptions are divine whether we agree with them or not. Learning to respect another’s point of view is something we should all aspire to do. The path to unity begins with understanding.

So the next time we find ourselves at odds with another, as long as our safety is not jeopardized, it might be worth dropping our defenses to listen. While we may still not agree, allowing our fellow humans to express themselves while honoring our expressions can bring us closer to Source.

And in the end, there is only one creator of your reality, and that is YOU.

Keep Seeking,





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