Free yourself from the hate game

After suffering at the hands of the pandemic, we now find ourselves on the brink of what appears to be a third world war.

It is an understatement to say it is another devastating turn in what has already been a trying few years.

But as usual, when a crisis arrives, we tend to fall into the trap of hating one person, country, or group.

If we’ve learned anything from our past conflicts, it should be that rather than lash out against others, we must find a way to come together.

And not just together with those we agree with. We need to come together as a race, the human race.  This includes finding compassion and understanding for those we disagree with, those trapped by tyrants, and those who live in fear.

But before we can get into all that, we should take a quick look at the hate game.

What is the hate game?

The “us verse them” mentality programmed into society is what fuels the hate game. It doesn’t truly have a standard set of rules except that there must always be a perceived enemy. One who must be destroyed at all costs because that enemy is not like you. They don’t think like you, look like you, or act like you; therefore, they threaten your very existence.

This is not new. This programming has been going on for eons, and at this very moment, it continues to destroy our species from the inside out.

Think about it. We are never free from the suggestion that we should hate another group or individual.

And it isn’t just on the apparent global level. It’s everywhere, even on the most minute level.

You’re hated if you’re pretty, ugly, smart, stupid, popular, unpopular, thin, fat, rich, poor, and so on.

And don’t forget the global themes of man vs. woman, religion vs. religion, culture vs. culture, etc.

It seems no one is exempt from the hate game. A plague eats away at us more than any other disease.

And more often than not, we don’t even know why we engage in it.

Why do we play the hate game?

During the pandemic, I watched family members, friends, etc., rip each other apart over their vaccination status. Not one person stopped to try and understand the other’s point of view.

It was simply, “I’m right; you’re wrong.” And taking it one step further, “You are a danger to me because you are unvaccinated.”  This caused the demise of relationships and an irreparable division of families.

That’s the theme, friends. “You are a danger to me because… ” Fill in the blank. This is how we get caught in it.

We find reasons to focus on our differences rather than our similarities.

We obsess over what we don’t like about others rather than what we do.

We allow our envies and jealousies to get the better of us and take people down because of them.

Twitter is notorious for this. It’s like one long-raging hate platform for keyboard warriors.

Another reason we find ourselves playing the hate game is that leadership instills fear.

Why do they do this? Because to control people, one must instill fear and division. And hate creates division so fear remains intact.

Since  no  tyrant wants those under their control to be unified, we are always given an enemy to focus on.

And so the hate game rages until we ultimately destroy ourselves.

How does hate affect us energetically?

We are energy, so everything, and I mean everything sent out into the universe, comes back to us through the law of cause and effect.

How we think, feel, and speak manifests in the world around us.

So you can imagine, with all the discord, hate, injustice, and unkindnesses in the world, humanity is vibrating at a deficient level of consciousness.

Energy travels in a spiral. And as the energy spirals, it gathers more speed, pulling into its sphere anything that resonates on the same level (Law of Vibration).

It increases in power before it hurls itself back at you as a reflection of what you’ve created through your thoughts. This is the meaning behind something returning to you multiple times.

Global consciousness affects us even on a minor level. And beyond that, there is also a universal consciousness. This means that across the galaxy, our actions are affecting others. And when we are all trapped in the energy of war, rage, fear, and hate, we can never be free. Our minds will remain trapped in a vicious cycle of separation.

Each of us vibrates at a different harmonic resonance. When we are a vibrational match to someone, our energies are in harmony. This is how we find like-minded people.  When fear is abundant, we vibe too low and attract others who vibe at this frequency. This works on both the positive and negative sides.

Therefore, if we focus our energy on hating others (manifestation in the negative space), our world will reflect that energy in the form of lack, loss, and fear. And if we do this as a global meditation, we will continue to bring our downfall.

How do we stop it?

Source energy is neutral. It’s like a blank canvas waiting to be created. So knowing this, you have the power to choose how you will respond to life. Will you meet each day with hate and anger? Or will you choose love and peace?

“I want” leads to more wanting. “I need” leads to more needing. “I hate” leads to more hating. So focusing our attention on lack, fear, and hate isn’t the way to finding peace.

The best way to speak to the universe is in a definitive, positive manner, in the first person. For example:

I am love. I see love all around me. I give love and kindness to all, even those who wish me harm. I am in perfect health, and so are my brothers and sisters.

Random acts of kindness can help too. They don’t have to be grand gestures or ego-based donations.

The more sincere the act, the more impact it has. I am a big fan of complimenting random strangers on the street. I love watching their faces light up when you say something kind to them. It not only makes their day but mine too.

I have a friend who loves sending healing energy to everyone he meets. It’s such a beautiful practice; you can see people’s energy change after being around him.

Once we lift our vibrations, we can raise the vibration of those around us. Can you imagine if we were all vibrating on the level of love?? I get chills just thinking about it.

However, to get there, we must remember that our brothers and sisters are not our enemies. They are our co-creators.

The earth is a living library of stories, all compiled into one big beautiful ball of light and dark, spinning through the stars. And through those stories, we get to learn more about ourselves as a race, the human race. And the more we learn about ourselves, the more we understand all that is.

A brave new world.

So, where do we begin? Sometimes when we look around us, it all seems hopeless. But that, too, is just a thought.

Begin with you.

It’s like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Hate doesn’t allow us to reach our true potential as human beings.

And what is our true potential?


Not just with other humans, but unity with the earth and all sentient beings, seen and unseen.

And why do those who propagate hate fear a unified race of beings? Because unity leads to acceptance. Acceptance leads to cooperation. Cooperation leads to peace. Peace leads to truth. And truth leads to freedom.

Don’t ever believe you can’t change the world. You absolutely can. Even if all you do is cultivate a more loving mindset, you ARE creating change.

A decisive change felt throughout the cosmos.

It doesn’t hurt to imagine a world where love reigns supreme. A place where we can all live in peaceful co-existence.

Perhaps it’s a childish dream, but it’s one I believe is worth fighting for.


Keep seeking,






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