The Path of the Dreamer

So many times, I have felt completely and utterly lost. It didn’t matter that I had a great job, good friends, or beautiful opportunities.

For some reason, no matter what I did, I always felt like I was somehow swimming upstream with no hope of ever finding my way.

I felt all alone, even if I w was in a crowded room.

As I trudged along, I would find myself slipping deeper into despair, wondering where I belonged.

It was the cause of sleepless nights and a deep-rooted depression slowly taking over my life.

It wasn’t until meeting my dear friend Babaji that I learned something precious.

“You walk the path of the dreamer,” he said with quiet confidence.

I stared back at him, waiting for the rest.

“It’s an artistic path that will always feel lonely, but that is only an illusion. Turn inward, and you will find the answer has been there all along.”

“The path of the dreamer.” I thought.

I had been told many times that I lived in fantasia. I’ve been laughed at or scoffed at for dreaming too big. “You? Okay. Sure.”

There were so many times when I felt misunderstood and ridiculed by those who didn’t have the same vision. And I wasted my precious time and energy trying to convince those who couldn’t see to believe.

Turn inward, and you will find that the answer has been there all along.

I decided it would be best to meditate on what Babaji shared with me. The filter of my ego had me questioning his wisdom. Only through meditation can we receive messages through the guidance of our higher selves. When I was deep enough into my meditation to hear that quiet voice, I finally understood.

A dreamer walks between worlds on a path of loneliness with a fearless heart. They keep their feet on the ground and their head in the clouds. They shoot for the moon and swing among the stars. They see with their eyes but listen with their heart.  They belong to nothing and connect with everything.  They are homesick for a place they can’t see but know is real. They are romantic, believe in hope, and know that love is all.

I am a dreamer… and I’m not the only one.

Keep Seeking,





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