The ocean breeze touches my nose as the sweet aroma feverishly entices me.  I stroll, allowing the sand to tickle my body wherever it sees fit.

Behind me, I feel your impenetrable presence guarding me with your protective sheath.

Your breath caresses my shoulders, whispering softly in my ear.

Your words ignite an unconscious revolution throughout my being while your laughter permeates my skin.

I lean back, allowing your arms to shelter a lonely, vulnerable, and often frightened child whose tears you kiss with sweet compassion.

I tremble to the beat of your heart.

And as your skin touches mine, my senses ignite, and I am transported into you.

We soar on the wings of temptation, fearing not to overstep mediocre boundaries.

Here we are resurrected from the illusions of lust and its pretenses. No longer are we alone, scared, hurt, or scarred, but safe, secure, and loved.

We are not “together” yet connected with a bond that transcends space and time.

The world alone cannot suppress the emotional orgasm that the joining of our two spirits has fulfilled.

My head tilts back as I await the touch of your lips.

My temperature rises as I ascend into total ecstasy swaying with the melodic rapture of my body as it screams wildly, no longer able to bear the torture of your touch.

Immense heat radiates from your body, scorching mine with an imprint of loves eternal union of souls.

We have succeeded our limitations. We are in a continuous spiral of passion, bliss, and unconditional love.

And then a soft breeze continues its journey toward eternity as it brushes past my shoulders and out to sea, where it travels like a lone soldier in the night.

My eyes return from their meditative slumber; my ears adjust to my heart’s steady, melodic hum.

The waves retreat from the shore, carrying with them the memory of another time and place where we were as one.




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