Dying to Return to Love

It is only in the darkness that we can ever truly see the light.

While we sit at home, many of us away from cherished friends and family, we wonder what will become of us in the next few days, weeks even months.

The entire world has plunged into a collective sadness, mourning the life we lived even just a few months ago.

Getting used to this new way of living has been difficult for most of us as the ever-pervading fear of the unknown grows in strength.

News outlets strangle us with destructive narratives, misinformation, and catastrophic projections cementing that feeling of gloom and doom we try hard to ignore.

Now more than ever, we are feeling a sense of loss: loss of control, loss of freedom, loss of health, and loss of life.

We have been asleep, wrapped in a blanket of narcissism and greed as we lay upon a mattress of self-deception.

But now we are suddenly awake.  

Money, power, and security cannot seem to shake us from this nightmare; all of it is threatened on a global scale.

There is a sudden upheaval as death, the great equalizer of man conquers all in its path leveling the playing field.

As we face our mortality, something deep inside the collective consciousness is shifting.


A global awakening is upon us—a transformation for every human regardless of race, religion, sex, status, or class.

We finally see humanity at its best, and while it might seem that some are struggling to keep up, actual change takes time.

Focusing on the good in the world can help lift the planet’s vibration, and there is an abundance of it out there!

There are companies manufacturing much-needed medical supplies without having to be asked, and people singing and dancing on their balconies to bring joy and hope to others. Medical professionals risk their lives for the lives of others. The generous donations of time, money, and services to care for our nation’s most vulnerable.

Even Mother Earth is getting some well-deserved appreciation!  Temporarily quarantined in our homes, we miss mother nature and all she provides. We seek her out for walks, meditations, and distanced gatherings when months ago, we were stuck on our phones and zoned out in front of our television sets.

And while we stay home to help others heal, she too heals, with pollution dissipating, waters clearing, and flowers blooming on bright green patches of grass.

There is evidence of a shift in consciousness, a return to simplicity, a collaborative spirit, care for our fellow man, and a global uplifting of spirits, as we realize how quickly everything we have can be taken away.


It is a tragedy that we must suffer through so much loss before we can hope to change.

There is a quietness now in the world that hasn’t been here before.  A peaceful surrender, a longing perhaps for what was, and a burgeoning new perspective for what is to come.

We are finding our way back from the darkness, slowing down from the fast-paced blindness of our past, and opening our hearts to a more centered truthfulness.

Our world has been changed forever, and herein lies the true miracle. The power to create lasting, global change is in our hands.

We finally understand that life is not an entitlement; it is a gift that should be met with appreciation and not taken for granted.

With patience and fortitude, we will wage through the lower vibrations of fear and sadness, growing ever more vital.

And as each day passes, our resilience will build, our determination will grow, and the full potential of our spirit will break through the veil of illusion bringing into focus the absolute truth of who we are and who we always have been …


Keep Seeking,






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  1. This was so positive and uplifting! Thank you for giving us a fresh perspective on the current situation.

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