Facing The Fear of Death

As more people succumb to complications from COVID-19, the fear of what might lie ahead becomes more terrifying.

Death is not something many of us think about regularly, but in light of recent times, it is certainly on our minds more than ever before.

The idea of being trapped inside our homes while a loved one is in a tent triage or hospital bed with no way to see them or say goodbye should they pass on can be annoying.

And so, as we continue to struggle with immense sadness and grief, we must also start to face another grim reality, death.

The fear of death is the underlying cause of most panic/anxiety attacks.  It may be buried beneath deep feelings of worthlessness or repressed traumas, but there it lies, all the same, the great unknown; what will happen to me if I should die?


There are many theories on this subject, some more complex than others.  On the physical plane, we do not necessarily know how the process of dying works; however, our soul does.

When we were born, our souls knew exactly how to get us here, animating us through our first breath outside our mothers.

The part of us that is eternal knows how the death process works as well, and when it is upon us, our soul will take over where the body left off and guide us to our next destination.

There is peace in knowing that my eternal self will take complete care of me, as it always has, even if I cannot perceive it.

And speaking of care, we rarely ever die alone. Our loved ones often come to get us, helping us through the process.

If you’ve ever been around people dying, they will often speak of deceased relatives, angels, spirits, and guides who are speaking with them or standing in the room.

My grandmother, on her death bed, sat up with her arms out toward the window crying for her long-deceased sister, who she swore was standing at the edge of the bed.


There are many thoughts about where we go when the physical body finally reaches the end of its contract here.  People who have gone through NDEs (Near Death Experiences) often have fascinating stories about their journey into the great unknown.

Light at end of the tunnel.

While they differ in specific details, here are some things that are consistent throughout:

  1. They often traveled through a tunnel of light
  2. They were met by a relative, guide, or master (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc.)
  3. They had an overwhelming sense of unconditional love and peace
  4. They suddenly remembered everything about their purpose and all of life
  5. They had a life review
  6. They did not want to return to the physical body

A great friend of mine, a medical intuitive, asked me this question when I asked her about death and dying (which was often during my panic years).

“Ask yourself this: Where do babies come from that when they arrive, they scream and cry uncontrollably after taking their first breath?  And where do those who are dying return to that their faces relax peacefully as they take their last breath?”

If it’s true that we may be returning to a place of peace, and unconditional love, then the idea of surrendering to it could help alleviate some of the stress and worry about our fate.


Is it lights out for us when we leave the physical form?

I’d have to say no from all I’ve experienced, researched, and seen.

There is actual evidence of something beyond the veil.

Children will tell us about the last time they were here or “when I was big,” which my son has been saying lately.

Many people (myself included) have had past life regressions, spontaneous regressions (which happen in your sleep), visitations, or readings where loved ones crossed over and relayed information no one could possibly have known.

Sure, we could chalk it up to coincidence or the sorcery of charlatans, but why would we want to do that?

If you think about your own life, you could likely come up with a time you knew for sure someone who had crossed over was trying to communicate with you.  How did it make you feel?

It’s nice to know they are okay, and the spirit world has always been active in trying to communicate just that.

I don’t know about you, but there is comfort in knowing I might see those I’ve loved in this lifetime again, even if I have to shed the physical form to do it.


Whether there is life after death or not, as some believe (and are very much entitled to do so), the truth remains; we will all die at some time or another.

Through meditation, prayer, and a sincere connection to the energy of all that is, we can better prepare ourselves for what may lie ahead.


We might also achieve a greater understanding of our place in the cosmos, realizing that perhaps life is not an ending but a beginning, something greater than our minds can perceive in this limited dimension.

No one truly knows what happens when we leave the physical form, but we don’t have to be afraid of it.

Accepting that tomorrow is not promised for any of us brings us to a place of gratitude and appreciation for every moment life gives us.

From the minute we put our feet on the ground, we can choose to live to the fullest, enjoying the good and the bad, enriching the lives of those around us by spreading love and kindness to all.

Anything we find peace with will have no power over us.  The more we come to grips with the idea of death, the less hold the fear of death will have.  And the less control fear has over us, the more freedom we have to live.

Keep Seeking,




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