HOLD THE LIGHT. Why your being here is important to the Earth

Humans have been trying to escape the pain of three-dimensional reality for eons.  Yes, versions of us have been walking this planet for hundreds of thousands of years (apologies to those who believe it all began 3000 years ago), and in that time, we have gone through massive evolutions.  This era is no different.

These days we can be easily distracted from our souls’ mission by a barrage of useless information being hammered into our psyche.  Information that takes us away from our true selves and traps us in an eternal prison of unrealistic expectations.    These lower vibrational deceptions can take a toll on our delicate energy systems, causing depression and anxiety; worst of all, this belief that we are somehow not valuable, or wanted, couldn’t be further from the truth.


If you should find yourself lost, questioning your purpose here on earth,  remember this one thing:  we are here to help Mother Earth anchor the light.  We have chosen to incarnate at this time to help humanity and the earth ascend to a higher dimensional plane of existence.  We are destined to rise with her, our wills divinely connected.  We have been reminded of this fact (in many different ways) by all the divine messengers of earth’s past and present.  We are told to remember who we are, that the answers lie within, and that we are made in the image of the divine creator.

Yet, we have been conditioned to be afraid of our power.  We have been told by those who wish to maintain control over us that we can never be good enough, competent enough, or attractive enough.  That there is something “out there”  we must fervently gain approval from both in the physical and metaphysical realms.  And in that unfortunate programming, we move further away from our truth.  We fall into the trappings of narcissistic self-obsession rather than focusing our energies on service to others and our planet.  We stomp all over the earth, bending her to our will, forgetting that we will cease to exist without her support.

As a result of our ego-driven nature, we find ourselves more unhappy, unfulfilled, and depressed.  We witness our fellow brothers and sisters ending their missions too soon,  being strangled by addictions and other manifestations of a severe lack of love.  We believe that we are nothing if we aren’t a “celebrity” with tons of money, fame, and power.   And yet even those who have achieved this coveted title of “celebrity” find themselves susceptible to the same distorted energies, all of us believing we are somehow truly worthless and unloveable.


None of this is true!!  Human beings are one of the most powerful creations in our universe!!  We are the only ones with a direct trinity connection to the divine goddess, which gives us the power to connect directly to source energy and channel it.  We are conduits for the light.  Once attuned to the proper frequencies, our bodies can touch the earth to the stars, precisely what we are supposed to do.  As this is our true nature, herein lies our true purpose: our planet is trying to ascend and, in doing so, needs to anchor as much light as possible.   If you do nothing with your life except hold the light for beautiful Mother Earth, you do more for humanity than any Hollywood-inspired superhero could ever dream.

And how do you perform this heroic feat?

It’s as simple as holding your arms up to the sky,  drawing down a beam of light from the top of your head through your body, and anchoring it solidly into the earth.  You can do this daily, once a week, a few times a month, or multiple times a day.  It doesn’t matter as long as you do it.

Life can be challenging, but that is true for many of us.  We all go through cycles of darkness and light. Still, suppose we can remember in those times of darkness that we are not only wanted but truly needed and unconditionally loved. In that case, we lift our vibration and simultaneously raise the vibration of the entire planet!

It doesn’t matter what you do for a day job, your career aspirations, or what dream you envision coming true.  Our hearts’ purpose, the core of our being, has come here to hold the light. This selfless act of anchoring light lifts up our brothers and sisters, creating peace where there was chaos and abundance where there was lack.  We can awaken those who still walk in the veil of sleep.  We can inspire those who are lost and have yet to find their way.  We quite literally become a beacon of light, a way-shower for humanity, and an invaluable asset to Mother Earth and the entire universe.

This is why our souls chose to come here at this time.  With billions of us holding the light for our Great Mother, the planet can finally ascend to the fifth-dimensional reality where heaven truly is experienced on earth.  Remember who you are.   You are a beautiful manifestation of divine love, and the world… the entire universe needs you.

Keep Seeking,


3 thoughts on “HOLD THE LIGHT. Why your being here is important to the Earth

  1. Celebrating you and this wonderful post🎆 It’s an honor to walk my journey in truth, light a bit of shadow and an abundance of unconditional love. We are the way showers, the seekers, the believers and yes, the anchors of the 🌠 So much love to you my friend ❤

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful comment 🙏🏻 I so appreciate your taking the time to read it. It’s a wonderful journey indeed. 💫 Much love to you as well 💜

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